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MBM Scholars

About MBM Scholars.

About MBM Scholars

The Modern Busy Mom Scholars (MBMS) program in London, United Kingdom is a four-week summer residential program for exceptional underrepresented pre-school and elementary school students. The MBMS program is designed for children who have a passion for math, science, engineering, and technology (STEM) who wish to engage in collaborative learning.

The MBMS program aims to challenge bright children beyond the traditional preschool and elementary school classroom environment by providing first-hand exposure to e-commerce, graphics and web design, as well as an introduction to entrepreneurship via cultural immersion. During the four-week program, students will be fully immersed in social entrepreneurship, fostering age appropriate business skills into young minds. Other program activities include cultural tours, pretend-play excursions, graphics design workshops, and field trips to local attractions.

Sharonn Cole [ CEO ]

Who We Serve

Program Costs

There is no cost for students to attend the MBMS program. Modern Busy Mom, Inc. covers all program-related expenses including flight, lodging, room and board, meals, educational materials and related excursions. Modern Busy Mom Inc. will provide a fully reimbursable lodging rate of $283 per participant and $144 towards meals & incidental at a rate of $144 per day; The maximum Per Diem rate is $427 per participant per day.

Note: The maximum per diem rates for Greater London is based upon average reported costs for a single room, including any mandatory service charges and taxes. The meal portion is based on the costs of an average breakfast, lunch, and dinner at facilities typically used by residents at that location, including taxes, service charges, and customary tips.

Program Details

The MBMS program aims to challenge bright children beyond the traditional preschool and elementary school classroom environment by providing first-hand exposure to e-commerce, graphics and web design, as well as an introduction to entrepreneurship via cultural immersion. 

 The 2017 MBM Scholars program will take place between the dates:

  •          July 31 - August 31, 2017.

MBM Scholars program 2017 location destinations include:

  •          Orlando, Florida, USA and London, England, United Kingdom.

HMS Belfast

Hop on board HMS Belfast to explore what life was like living at war and at sea. Children will take the helm in the Captain's chair and navigate Europe's only surviving Second World War cruiser.

Bank of England Museum

This fascinating museum takes you through the history of the bank since its foundation in 1694 to its role today as the nation's central bank.

British Museum

Children will enjoy a unique comparison of the treasures of world cultures under one roof, centred around the magnificent Great Court. Kids will see the World-famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are visited by up to six million visitors per year.

The Geffrye, Museum of the Home

The Geffrye explores the home from 1600 to the present day. Evocative displays of urban, middle-class living rooms and gardens illustrate homes and home life through the centuries, reflecting changes in society, behaviour, style and taste.

London Transport Museum

The Museum explores the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London, it’s culture and society since 1800. The Design for Travel gallery showcases pioneering advertising posters and artworks, which include Harry Beck’s original artwork for his groundbreaking London Underground map and the story of the development of the world-famous roundel transport logo.

Museum of London

Step inside the Museum of London for an unforgettable journey through the capital's turbulent past. Discover prehistoric London, see how the city changed under Romans and Saxons, wonder at medieval London and examine the tumultuous years when London was ravaged by civil wars, plague and fire.

Museum of London Docklands

Step inside a 200-year-old warehouse revealing the long history of London as a port through stories of trade, migration and commerce. Discover a wealth of objects in world-class galleries, including Sailortown, an atmospheric recreation of 19th-century London.

National Maritime Museum Greenwich

Discover stories about Britain's encounter with the world at sea, learn about the life of great British hero Admiral Horatio Nelson and the Royal Navy, and see the uniform he wore when he was fatally wounded at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Natural History Museum

Hundreds of exciting, interactive exhibits in one of London’s most beautiful landmark buildings.

Highlights include the popular Dinosaurs gallery, Mammals display with the unforgettable model blue whale and the spectacular Central Hall, home to the Museum’s iconic Diplodocus skeleton

Science Museum

The Science Museum is the most visited science and technology museum in Europe

Their interactive galleries bring to life first scientific principles and contemporary science debates. Plus, you can experience what it’s like to fly with the Red Arrows or blast off into space on an Apollo space mission in our stunning 3D and 4D simulators or watch a film on a screen taller than four double-decker buses in the IMAX 3D Cinema.

V&A Museum of Childhood

The V&A Museum of Childhood houses the UK’s national collection of childhood objects, ranging in date from the 1600s to the present day. As well as toys, dolls and games, the museum has a wealth of objects relating to aspects of childhood including home, childcare, play, learning and clothing.

The Crystal

The Crystal exhibition features interactive exhibits, films, and animations, allowing visitors to explore a range of issues including city trends, urban planning, smart buildings, safety and security, energy, water, healthy lifestyles, environment, and mobility.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

The Horniman Museum in Forest Hill is a free museum with extensive collections of anthropology, natural history and musical instruments. The museum hosts a variety of special exhibitions, concerts, festivals, shows, workshops and activities.


Discover a magical underwater world filled with a dazzling array of creatures. With thousands of sea creatures, from rays to rare green sea turtles; you can see them swimming majestically above you with our Ocean Tunnel.

The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is a uniquely thrilling attraction that’ll take you back to the past’s most horrible bits. See, hear, smell and feel London's darkest stories as they come to life before your eyes.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London provides an amazing new opportunity to explore the magic of the Harry Potter™ films – the most successful film series of all time. This unique walking tour takes you behind-the-scenes and showcases a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props. It also reveals some closely guarded secrets, including facts about the special effects and animatronics that made these films so hugely popular all over the world.

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Take an amazing journey through the historic home of British astronomy, Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World. Explore how great scientists first mapped the seas and the stars, stand astride two hemispheres on the Prime Meridian Line, see pioneering inventions and the UK’s largest refracting telescope, touch a 4.5 billion year-old asteroid, and travel the Universe at London's only planetarium.

ZSL London Zoo

Has been educating and inspiring visitors since opening to the public in 1847. With over 750 incredible species, exciting and innovative exhibits it’s a great day out in the capital for all ages.

The Zoo’s biggest and most breath-taking new experience, Land of the Lions, provides state-of-the-art facilities for a breeding group of endangered Asiatic lions - of which only 400 remain in the wild.

The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre

The Lion King is a hugely popular London musical set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains, to the evocative rhythms of Africa. The show brings the characters from the animated Disney film to life with imaginative costumes and amazing special effects.

Tower Bridge Exhibition

Inside the Tower Bridge Exhibition you will learn all about how the world's most famous bridge works and the history behind its creation

You will also be able to experience our biggest and most exciting development to the Exhibition since it originally opened: glass floor panels – a unique viewpoint of London life beneath your feet!

Aladdin at Prince Edward Theatre

Explore a whole new world as Disney's Aladdin arrives on the London stage.

Granary Square

Granary Square hosts a wide variety of events and activities, from concerts to an ice rink. The square is also home to two contemporary pavilions and has access to Regent's Canal.

Diana, Princess Of Wales Memorial Playground

Avast me hearties! Your little landlubbers can be pirates for the day on Captain Hook's huge wooden pirate ship at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. Designed to be accessible and inspiring, kids love playing in the teepees, on the beach, and running between the sculptures.

The Scoop

The Scoop is an outdoor amphitheatre near City Hall and London Bridge. During the summer the amphitheatre is filled with free entertainment. Listen to free live music with your lunch or catch a play or outdoor movie screening in the evening.

Emirates Air Line cable car

Glide above the Thames in the Emirates Air Line cable car and enjoy great views of London. Using the cable car is an easy way to get from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks.

Docklands Light Railway

London's innovative, driverless Docklands Light Railway (DLR) serves parts of East and South East London. 





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` Albert Einstein

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